PANDORA CSR Report 2011 - page 14

preventative – assessing thework environment for risk and
potential hazards, thorough incident and statistical analysis,
documentation and, at aminimum, monthly organization
wide communications of initiatives and activities taken. In
2011, we expanded our team of Safety, Health and Envi-
ronment specialists and continued to focus on education,
prevention and rigorous audit of policies and practices to
further enhance our working environment.
Our HR and RewardManagement strategies seek to
attract, motivate, develop and retain a skilled and engaged
workforce capable of conducting complex tasks with the
dedication requiredwithin the craftingof quality jewellery.
In2011, thepercentageof staff leavingPANDORAThailand,
including thosewho did not pass probation, was 4.4%.
This turnover rate is significantly lower than the national
average. If we exclude dismissals (such as failing proba-
tion), the percentage of staff leaving through resignations
was 1.7%
To ensure high quality products, we reward quality and
accuracy rather than pieces produced.We offer ourThai
employees attractive employment terms by paying living
wages above the national minimumwages andwhich are
competitive by industry norms. AllThai staff are hired on
open ended contracts that include a Provident Fundwith
matching contributions from the company andmedical
benefits that meet or exceed legal requirements.
Not least, PANDORAprovides a rangeofwelfarebenefits
that target additional needs of our employees. Obvious
examples of our welfare benefits are special breaks andma-
ternity classes for pregnant employees, paternity leave, free
meals, free bus transportation formore than 2,000 employ-
ees every day, and traffic safety initiatives such as facilitat-
ing the provision of affordable, high quality traffic helmets.
Recognising that credit carddebt and loan sharks are
common inThailand, PANDORAprovidedfinancial literacy
training for all of our employees in2011. During phase two
of this initiative, which continues in2012, wewill provide
extended confidential, individual, financial counselling
to a group of employees experiencing severe difficulties,
delivered by an independent external consultant. In2011,
PANDORAwas nominatedby theThai Health Promotion
Agency, chaired by the PrimeMinister, for two national
awards relating to our “HappyMoney” financial literacy
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